Frequently Asked Questions

My venue has a coordinator already. Do I still need to hire a Wedding Planner?

Having a venue coordinator is a huge asset. They have tons of knowledge about their facility and what works best there. However, a venue coordinator's main role is to oversee their facility and staff on the day of the wedding. A Wedding Planner on the otherhand goes above and beyond this, working with ALL your vendors to execute your wedding day flawlessly and exactly as you would like. Here at New Sunrise Events we ask key questions to figure out how it is all going to come together. We spend extensive time learning every detail so that we can answer any questions that come up on the day of the wedding. And we work with every aspect of your wedding day not just the location so that you can relax, be the bride and groom, and cherish the best day of your life!

I have a lot of family and friends helping out. Do I still need to hire a Wedding Planner?

While having family and friends help out is a wonderful plus, it is important to have a Wedding Planner to make sure that no detail is overlooked or forgotten. One of the most important aspect to any wedding is to have one clear point of contact to oversee all the details on the day of the wedding. This is a very important role that should left to a professional. At New Sunrise Events we have the experience to successfully oversee all aspects of the wedding, foresee any potential problems and trouble shoot in the case something arises. We allow your family and friends to actually relax and enjoy the day with you.

I have a lot of ideas that I would like to incorporate into my event. Will my Wedding Planner be able to include these ideas?

Absolutely! At New Sunrise Events we love the fact that your story is so unique and we want to help you best express your ideas. We want to learn your personal styles, personalities and special stories so that we can provide the best suggestions to incorporate your ideas.

I would love to hire a Wedding Planner, but it seems expensive.  Is hiring a Wedding Planner affordable and worth it?

At New Sunrise Events we pride ourselves in providing the best service and personal attention at competitive rates. We have the industry knowledge to help you select the best and most appropriate vendors saving you precious time and money. A wedding can be a big investment and we provide the priceless gift of having the peace of mind that you wedding day is in safe hands.

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