About NSE

About Karen

Founder and Certified Wedding Planner

Ever since I could remember, I have been in awe of all things weddings! There is something so magical about the romance of the wedding day, from the lovely couple professing their eternal love to one another to all the unique sights, sounds and tastes. Weddings can touch the deepest emotions and bring together people from all over the world from the past to the present, creating some of the happiest memories. I am overjoyed and humbled to wake up every day doing what I love most which is creating these magical moments for others. 

10 things you should know about Karen:

1)  She is a true romantic at heart. She cries at sappy romance movies, loves to receive flowers and fantasizes about Parisian living.

2)  Believes every couple has their own unique story to tell and that their wedding should be a wonderful expression of that story.

3)  She is warm, gentle and patient (a true confidant) but can also take charge in orchestrating fabulous events.

4)  Finds simplicity just as beautiful as the elaborate.

5)  Thrives off of multi-tasking, To-Do Lists, and details after details.

6)  Believes your family should also be well pampered and attended to on your wedding day. They’ve been dreaming about this day too!

Understands the importance of teamwork and that each vendor is VITAL to a success of your event.

8)  Loves traveling (especially to Europe) so destination weddings are doubly exciting!

9)  Pinches herself regularly that she gets to do what she loves every day.

10)  Is madly in love with her husband and believes that marriage is the greatest gift in life.


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